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batool Karamah

Magical Banyan Tree

Nature is like a poetry the more you feel the more you explore that’s why I select “Nature Engineer” trend heimtextile 2014/2015 for my design process,it gives mea chance to play with natural textures and help me to imitate these in my designs by using techniques and technology the outcome is beyond my imagination . Nothing is more pleasant than a Tree standing day and night watching you grow, Banyan(Bargad) tree is of designs is unbelievable experience . Its roots and trunk structure is motivating me to sketch as much as I can one of the oldest and strongest tree of the world which has its own mystical and mythological background .It inspires me a lot my whole work is moving around the nature and structure of Banyan tree. Banyan tree has powerful natural qualities of weaving and its captivating and mysterious outlook make it unique . Exploring this mysterious tree was very interesting and converting it to my work in the shape ……